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My mother has stage four breast cancer, she was diagnosed about seven months ago. She is about 70 years old and weighs 95lbs. When she was diagnosed the oncologist estimated that she had 4 to 6 weeks to live. At the time she weighed only about 80lbs.

She miss read Panacur C packages and inadvertently took 1776mg of fenbendazole for 5 months (four days on two days off) without any apparent ill effects. At the time she mistakenly believed that she was taking 444mg of fenbendazole.

She has also been taking 20mg of injectable ivermectin once a week. Her liver and kidney numbers were abnormal when she started and have all dropped into normal range (with the exception of ALT) which is still slightly high.

Her oncologist tentatively declared her in remission a month ago. The CT scans show shrinkage of all the tumors except for one spot that we are investigating. Her quality of life has improved dramatically over the course of her treatment. She is in very little pain, she has worked up to walking two miles a day and she does light resistance training.

She is also on a keto diet, weekly hyperbaric oxygen, telimasartin (40mg/day) metformin (500mg/day) and is doing some low dose hormonal treatments (that I am hesitant to discuss) which were started to fight muscle wasting and anemia.

Edited to add: If you investigate treatments for muscle wasting and historical anti estrogen therapies you’ll be lead to the substances in question. If you investigate forums for female body builders you will encounter information on the safer use of such substances (at lower doses than historical oncology).

Edit to add 2: It’s my lay opinion that high doses of fenbendazole are likely hard on bone marrow. (see the term “bone marrow hypoplasia”) Telimasartin is also hard on bone marrow. In my mother’s case I think the stress on her bone marrow is somewhat offset by hormonal interventions.

At some point, I’ll write up her experiences with high dose fenbendazole and other treatments in detail. I just wanted to reply to a question on higher dosing with someone’s successful experience with higher doses of fenbendazole. I’d generally think it wiser to follow more established protocols discussed on this channel.

Your experiences with self administering/self treating may vary and should be untaken at your own risk. The forgoing statements should not be construed as dosing or medical advice.

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