Aantekeningen over Nicotine

The European Commission’s Scientific Committee put it this way:

“In the brain, nicotine is clearly a stimulant at low doses. It produces a pattern of alertness in the electroencephalogram (EEG), mediates fast synaptic transmission, and positively modulates a range of cognitive functions. As a result, it improves attention, learning, arousal, motor skill, facilitates memory functions and decreases irritability and anxiety, among other central nervous system (CNS) functions

(Balfour and Fagerström 1996, Benowitz 2008, Fattinger et al. 1997, Grybko et al. 2010).”
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The Shocking Truth About Nicotine and Its Bizarre NWO Connection w/ Dr. Ardis

Discussion with Dr. Bryan Ardis.
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Nicotine, a metabolite of the NAD+ metabolic pathway, has been found to possess anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties 
Nature.com en pubmed.com 

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Cognitive benefits:

“1. Nicotine improves attention in a wide variety of tasks in healthy volunteers.
2. Nicotine improves immediate and longer term memory in healthy volunteers.
3. Nicotine improves attention in patients with probable Alzheimer’s Disease.
4. While some of the memory effects of nicotine may be due to enhanced attention, others seem to be the result of improved consolidation as shown by post-trial dosing.”


Nicotine: An Anti-inflammatory Molecule

The nicotine : acetylcholine interaction extends beyond cognitive benefits

Acetycholine is one of the primary tools used by the body to suppress inflammation and immune-hyperactivation. In this way, it can “switch off” an overactive immune system

It does this through a network of neuronal connections known as the “cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway”, which operates through the vagus nerve

Stimulating this pathway via different means has yielded promising results in a variety of chronic inflammatory diseases

“Nicotine stimulation plays a key role in suppressing inflammatory cytokine production

– Can significantly down-regulate and delay inflammatory and autoimmune responses in the central nervous system

Nicotine stimulates the release of dopamine in the midbrain and prefrontal cortex
Protects dopaminergic neurons from degeneration.

Neuroprotection / anti-excitotoxic:
Nicotine exerts neuroprotective effects through reducing glutamate excitotoxicity in several regions of the brain, including the hippocampus.

This may help to explain positive neuropsychiatric benefits in conditions such as schizophrenia…

Nicotine = Anti-estrogenic
Low dose of nicotine inhibits aromatase, the enzyme which catalyses the conversion of androgen hormones into estrogen



Nicotine kauwgom en zuigtabletten
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